Leak is the Irreverent and Fun Superhero that you need!
it was Born casually in a secret base in the North Pole, it has only one mission: to solve environmental problems.
His name defines his power and his weakness, his actions step by step will make the difference, but his time is left.
Help Leak to save the planet with your talent.

- The Leak's World Brand was born from the fusion of the founders artistic and social economic vision.
Leak wants to promote Green ideas and projects!



Ecoartsnft is our artistic movement that aims to create a link between the physical world and the digital world. Thanks to blockchain technology we can transform the problems that surround us into innovative ideas with a high social impact. our goal is to create a real onlife experience, in which teamwork will be the key to success.

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yes, thanks to some friends leak joined a metaverse's gallery too :D 

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Just a little present for u

q1 2021

q2 2021

q3 2021

q4 2021

q1 2022

q2 2022

team foundation

registration (eiupo)

book and comic creation

html5 game development

marketplace concept ideation

creation nft collection

social media accounts creation

website development

arcade cabinet and ad game ready

whitepaper creation

nft's mint and launch

online and offline giveaway

stand at exhibition

partnership and sponsorship with green projects

bridge crosschain

 marketplace testnet

new collection  coming soon

partnership with marketing agency

influencer marketing campaign

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advised web version 


- Diego 
- Founder
- Main Artist 
A real 360 crazy Artist able to represent his and your life just using his hands. Don't be mad at him!!!!

- Francesco
- Founder
- Inventor 
He is literally full of ideas that can change your world's vision.
If he dreamed it, you'll be able to see it one day.
- Marco
- Sound Maker
Give him 5 minutes and he will drops the soundtrack of your life. Really! 
- Riccardo
- Graphic Animator
Very kind and quite but full of skills! Do you need a cartoon, a film or a statue? Don't call him because he is working with us. :)

- Luca
- Blockchain Manager
Don't joke at him, maybe he will hack your life or maybe not. Big heart and big trader, money maker, a piece of sh*t! 

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- You
- Every Talent 
Contact Us! 




How does the Blockchain works ?

The Blockchain, literally chain of blocks, exploits the properties of a computer network and allows a register containing data and information to be managed and updated in an univocal, transparent and secure way.

What does NFT means ?

NFTs are digital uniqueness certificates that are visible and tradable through digital platforms supported by the Blockchain network.

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How much is the NFT market worth ?

According to the statistics of the main data analysis sites in the field of Cryptocurrencies and NFT, the digital collecting market has a capitalization that fluctuates between 2 and 2.6 billion dollars.

What's Metamask ?

Metamask is a decentralized digital Wallet that can be installed as a browser extension or on mobile and can be used to store your cryptocurrencies.

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How can I buy NFTs ?

Once you buy cryptocurrencies and transfer them to your digital Wallet (e.g. Metamask), you will be able to buy NFTs in numerous platforms, including Open Sea, Superrare and soon on ECOArtsNFT !

Why an INO ?

We have decided to do a crowdfunding through NFTs so that we can offer those who support us, not just a reward, but a real art work that will circulate in an ever-expanding market.

More NFTs are purchased and shared, the more the value of them will increase.

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Main Partner 

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